Our swiss certified Crosscountry teachers

Klaus Imfeld

Swiss certified ski instructor / expert

Klaus Imfeld born on the 28th of March 1972, is since 1999 a officially Swiss certified Ski instructor (for Crosscountry skiing, and alpine skiing). In 2002 he got the diploma of an expert in skiing.

He is every competent and experienced  - he is teaching with very advanced methods and is always willing to make you a better skier.

He would be happy to show you all the finess about crosscountry skiing

Peter Imwinkelried

Swiss certified ski instructor

Peter Imwinkelried, born on April 14th, 1973, has been teaching regularly since the founding of the Astoria cross-country ski school (2005).

He has been familiar with the narrow skis since his childhood and shares his passion with great commitment and joy!

Edi Ochsner

Swiss certified ski instructor

Edi Ochsner, born on March 1st, 1949, teaches regularly for the Astoria cross-country ski school.

As a sports enthusiast, he has been on crosscountry skis since his youth and is very familiar with the subject.

He has been loving the valley of Goms for decades. The pittoresque valley is his second home. Edi is a designated adult sports director (racing bike & mountain bike). He has taken part in 28 x Gommerlauf, 19 x Engadin and the Vasa run race.