Your view from the hotel astoria




My name comes from an Alemannic clan leader. I provide the gateway to the South by means of the Nufenen and Griess Passes. Maybe that is what inspired the local pasta production. “Säumer” with their mules and other traders used to shape me. Nowadays, it is mostly travellers of all kinds who explore the spectacular passes in Goms. The Swiss Army made good (and sometimes bad) use of me for a long time. Luckily, the former Army base offers many opportunities. A Nordic Centre has been opened, for example, where cross-country ski competitions in almost any category take place. On the


1346 metres above sea level, population < 220, MGB station, hotel: 4 with 164 beds, restaurant/café: 6, holiday apartments, cross-country ski trail, sports shop, local store, Nordic Centre, bank (Reiffeisen), hairdresser, post office, tourist information Nufenen Pass