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Your bike hotel in the valley of  Obergoms. Countless mountain bike trails lead you  through the valley of  Obergoms! The Hotel Astoria is a bike hotel with a tailor-made "all-round bike package". More than 20 detailed bike tours including maps lead you through the Gommer mountains. Whether you like a relaxing bike tour or demanding single trails - the Hotel Astoria is the ideal base for e-bikers, mountain bikers and racing cyclists with very good equipment (garage, charging station for e-bikes, repairing tools,  bike or e-bike rental at  Elmar's Gadä)


Tour 06

"The classic one" of our area. A long climb, followed by beauitufl flow tails make this tour a highlight.It offers spectacular views, the most famous 4000 meter peaks of the Valais can be seen.

Distance 30.02 km
Climb/descent 1070 m / 1070 m
MIn/max altitude 1346 m / 2239 m
Time ca. 3 h 45 Min

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Length: Short (0 up to 30 km)
Endurance: Sporty
Technique: Technical
Tour: 06: Gämschfax

Chietal Chäller

Tour 07

This trip starts with a short ride on the Nufenen pass road, than you turn towards Chietal Chäller. This pittoresque track is not often frequented by hikers. The subsequent downhill crowns this short ride.

Distance 12.29 km
Climb/descent 552 m / 552 m
MIn/max altitude 1345 m / 1879 m
Time ca. 1 h 45 Min

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Length: Short (0 up to 30 km)
Endurance: A little sporty
Technique: Easy
Tour: 07: Chietal Chäller

Griesspass - Riale - Gorno Griess

Tour 08


One of the pearls among the bike tours in the upper Valais. Crunchy climbs, steep descents and long trusses make almost every biker's heart beat faster. In some passages, pushing or carrying is the order of the day.

Distance 54.91 km
Climb/descent 2319 m / 2319 m
MIn/max altitude 1345 m / 2557 m
Time ca. 8 h

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Length: Far (50 up to 70 km)
Endurance: Really sporty
Technique: Really technical
Tour: 08: Griesspass - Riale - Gorno Griess


Tour 09


The view at the cross above the Galmihorn cottage is one of the best in the valley. The subsequent trail is regularly maintained by  the hut owner for the bikers. You can then indulge in culinary delights on the sun terrace.

Distance 32.50 km
Climb/descent 1138 m / 1138 m
MIn/max altitude 1320 m / 2394 m
Time ca. 3 h 45 Min

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Length: Average (30 up to 50 km)
Endurance: Sporty
Technique: Technical
Tour: 09: Galmihornbike

Reckingen - Hobach - Merezenbach

Tour 10

The two rather unknown side valleys are easy to explore by bike. Experienced bikers can  enjoy the technically challenging downhill trail. This tour can be shortened as well.

Distance 28.61 km
Climb/descent 958 m / 958 m
MIn/max altitude 1318 m / 2100 m
Time ca. 4 h

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Length: Short (0 up to 30 km)
Endurance: Sporty
Technique: Really technical
Tour: 10: Reckingen – Hobach – Merezenbach